This work is an attempt to outline through three case studies a non-linearity, which may be read into the products of specific historical processes wrought over the last milennium in the complex relationship between the atlantic island of Ireland and its occupying neighbour. How both in their respectively unique positions have, in thrall of fluid transformations and relations geopolitically, influenced the idea of sovereignty and its phantoms, through correlative subjugation and the hazardous interplay of dominations in the structures that tangibly and intangibly surround us and which through the civilly militarised concept of Low Intensity Operations weave an ever more insidiously controlling and affective web over populations.
The three case studies are labrinthine : a shockwave in the former Divis Flats Complex in Belfast, and the duration of a sniper’s bullet : the four hundred year old reservoir of the privateer’s concern of the Shaftesbury Estate of Lough Neagh, third largest freshwater lake in Europe : the political anatomy of Ireland with the Establishment for that Kingdom and Verbum Sapienti, sur milennium.


Immanent material life – the ground floor. Let’s hear what we can see., form is transient, temporary ; it exists, as the eskimo poet says, “ On the threshold of the tongue.”


High Intensity Subversion


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