A Memorial in Exile

A Memorial in Exile

Orbits of Responsibility for a War Crime from a Bosnian mine to London’s Olympic Park
Press Conference Organisers
Centre for Research Architecture, Grupa Spomenik, Four Faces of Omarska

[PDF] 2 July 2012 Event Press Release

[PDF] Opinion Piece by Susan Schuppli

On July 2 2012 London’s Olympic tower — the ArcelorMittal Orbit — will be reclaimed as A Memorial in Exile by survivors of the Bosnian concentration camp at Omarska, now a fully-functional mine operated by ArcelorMittal. Iron ore and profits extracted from Omarksa have been used to manufacture London’s newest landmark.

Details of Press Conference: Monday 2 July 2012 from 2-3pm

Location 64 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 1NG (East London Centre)

Walking commentary and view of the ArcelorMittal Orbit at Warton & Loop Roads (Olympic Park perimeter) from 3-4pm

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