Culture Now: Eyal Weizman

11 May 2012

£5 / Free to ICA Members

Join architect, scholar and curator Eyal Weizman for this lunchtime talk in which he discusses his approach to politics and philosophy.

A key figure within the study of contemporary humanism and architecture, Weizman’s most recent book, The Least of all Posssible Evils (Verso 2011) investigates the genealogy of human rights, from classical and Christian ethics through to modern political philosophy and contemporary theory.

Weizman is also a founding member of the collective, Decolonising Architecture Art Residency (DAAR) in Bethlehem, and is Professor of Spatial and Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College, University of London where he directs the Centre for Research Architecture.

Since his PhD at Birkbeck College (in co-operation with London Consortium), Weizman has published numerous articles and books (Hollow Land, Verso 2007; A Civilian Occupation, Verso 2003; Yellow Rythms and the Territories 1,2, and 3 series. In addition to sitting on the board of numerous councils worldwide, he also manages the ‘Forensic Architecture’ project, funded by the European Research Council.

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